• Need a Hot Tub



Whether you are moving home and want to take your hot tub with you, or have bought a new hot Tub from ebay, Champion Hot Tubs can help you.

We have been moving and installing Hot tubs for over 10 years. All Hot Tub moves are insured via our goods in transport insurance along with public liability insurance, if by a very slim chance we damage your property. Have complete peace of mind for your hot tub relocation.

We use specialist equipment called a spa dolly, which is designed specifically to move hot tubs and spa’s around safely.

Along with the spa Dolly we also provide two fully-trained staff members to manoeuvre the hot tub onto the Spa Dolly. The hot tub is elevated via a spa wedge, essentially an inflatable wedge that is placed under your hot tub, by lifting the hot tub using a spa jack. This lifts the hot tub safely onto its side and onto the spa dolly. The whole procedure is then replicated, however in reverse at the other end of the hot tub move. (See images below).

Please refer to our diagrams with reference to space and access required to moving hot tubs around. Approximately 1m gap is required between the house and fence. Fence panels can be removed and replaced if required. Where possible this needs to be done before we arrive.

The hot tub needs to be drained and electrically disconnected before we arrive with steps and any surrounds removed.

We can negotiate most steps, however it is better if we do not have to work with steps. It is best to take pictures of the surroundings, most of the time we would ask for measurements and pictures. We also need a good idea of the access at the other end.

Depending on your location we can carry out a free site survey, or if further afield we can arrange a quote and cost for a site survey. If you are unsure, its always best to give us a call and we can talk your hot tub move through and plan it.

We can also provide a hot tub storage for a cost, ready for you to arrange the second part of the move at your convenience.