Hot Tub Running Costs

We are often asked, “How much does it cost to run a hot tub?” This question has become more prevalent in recent times, given the energy crisis, cost of living crisis, and high inflation that we are all experiencing now. In this article, we will try to cover the most significant areas where costs will be incurred when owning and running a hot tub and give you an average idea of what a decent quality hot tub will cost to run.

Hot tub running costs can be broken down into certain areas, and we will attempt to cover these areas as follows:

What does a hot tub cost to purchase?

When considering purchasing a hot tub, you will find a myriad of hot tubs online and in showrooms, various opinions, huge price variations, and it can be very confusing. Our number one advice is always to buy from a reputable supplier that has a showroom with models on display, where you can actually sit in and try and has the appropriate backup when the hot tub goes wrong. You can even organize a wet test.

Hot tub pricing can vary massively, with prices ranging from as little as £700.00 to £20,000. On average, to buy a decent hot tub, you would expect to pay between £3,000.00 to £9,000.00. What affects the price is size, number of pumps, jets, insulation, quality of manufacture, and other features like LED lighting and Bluetooth stereos.


What are the Hot Tub Electric Running Costs?

When working out the average electrical running costs of a hot tub, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration.

  1. Insulation of a hot tub – Hot tub insulation plays a huge role in the energy consumption of a hot tub and the purchase cost of a hot tub. Always make sure that the hot tub is well manufactured and insulated. What you initially think is a cheap purchase could actually be very expensive when we look at the electrical cost.
  2. Size of Hot Tub – Hot tub size, this is a little more obvious. However, the larger the hot tub, the more water is required to be heated. Insulation and quality of manufacture are intrinsically linked to running costs as above.
  3. Hot Tub Bathing and Frequency – Hot tub bathing and the amount of times you use your hot tub will affect the amount of electricity you use. Obviously, the more you use your hot tub, the more it will cost to run.
  4. Location of Hot Tub – Windy, exposed locations will affect the electrical running costs. The more exposed, the quicker the hot tub will cool down and require heating up.

We have heard a lot of misinformation on various platforms regarding the running cost of a hot tub. I heard the other day that a hot tub was costing £400.00 a week to run! Nonsense, it just physically can’t – not possible, even with the worst-insulated cheapest hot tub on the market won’t cost this.

Uninsulated inflatable Hot Tub costs

We will take a look at this worst-case hypothetical example and use the most popular uninsulated hot tub, like the inflatable type. The most electrical energy any hot tub can use is the electric heater. In this example, let’s assume the following:

Heater is running 24 hours a day and seven days per week, which it will never do. All 13-amp hot tubs can only be fitted with a 2 kW heater maximum, so let’s do the maths:

2 kW/hrs at 24 hours = 48 kW/hrs consumed 48 kW/hrs per day @£0.28 per kW/hr (average UK tariff) = £13.44 per day. Therefore, @ £13.44 per day x 7 days per week = £94.08 per week.

So, the worst possible hot tub for energy that we can purchase, if it was heating 24 hours per day (which it will never do), is £94.00 per week.

Well-insulated, manufactured 13-amp hot tub

Electrical Running Costs of an average, well-insulated, manufactured 13-amp hot tub switched on 24 hours per day and being used 3 or 4 times per week, example below:

Firstly, a hot tub, even though it is powered up and switched on, is not heating, filtering, or being bathed in every day 24/7. A decent hot tub will filter 2 times per day for 2 hours each filtration cycle, totaling 4 hours @0.4 kW/hrs for the circ pump = 1.6 kW/hr. Heater – 3.5hr/ per day = 7 kW/hrs Massage Pump 40 mins per bathing session 0.35 kW/hr Total kW/hrs per Day = 9 kW/hrs Total Electrical Running Costs per Day @ £0.28 per kW/Hr = £2.52 per Day – Less than a Latte cup of coffee at Costa.

Total per week for electrical running Costs on Average £17.64 per week – Less than a round of drinks in a pub.

Hot Tub Service and Maintenance

Like anything mechanical in the world, it needs servicing, hot tubs are no different just like your car. A hot tub needs serving once a year. You can expect to pay anything from £200.00 to £300.00. Most hot tub companies provide hot tub service packages, and these range from £20.00 to £80.00 per month offering discounts on hot tub chemicals and filters.

Water Care and Consumables

The final part of the running costs of a hot tub is water treatment chemicals and filters – Essentially, dependent on usage, you will spend around £150 to £300 per year, including a set of Filters.

In Summary

£600.00 to £900.00 in Electric Costs

£200.00 to £300.00 in Hot Tub Service

£150.00 to £300.00 in Hot tub water Treatment

Making Hot Tub Running Costs from £950.00 to £1500 per year to Run. So, in summary, running a hot tub is significantly cheaper to run than the cost of a Costa Coffee or Starbucks per day.

So, if you value your wellbeing, your physical health, your quality of sleep, your sense of overall wellness, spending quality time with your family and loved ones away from the TV and phones, actually having conversations and spending time in the great outdoors getting huge doses of vitamin D, then hot tubs, in my opinion, offer great value for money.

Always remember purchasing a hot tub is not a financial investment, it’s an investment in your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

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