Vita Spa Intrique £7295.00

Seating:          5

Size:              211cm x 200cm x 94cm

Pumps:            1

Jets:                33

Litres:            1188

  • LED Waterfall
  • Air Venturi

  • Safety Entry Step

  • Recycled Blue MAXX Insulation

  • 1 Pump

  • Duramaax Cabinet

  • Aqua Burst LED Lighting

Layout: Looking for a versatile relaxation lounger, then the Vita Spa Intrigue’s reversible sculptured lounger gives you the opportunity to sit either way enjoying two different massages. It’s like having 2 loungers in your Hot Tub but only taking the space of one. Two spacious corner seats offer controllable jetting layouts for a vagarious massage while two further massage seats complete this family all rounder.